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A life of a painter is observed and presented from the senses of a son who is a Karagöz artist.

Memiş Aslan, who was born in Isparta in 1949, is the child of a nomadic family. He spent his childhood in nature around the Anamas Stream in the Mediterranean and under the influence of his great-grandfather, an artisanal carpenter. During the period when bookkeeper father made all his sons public finance officers, he secretly took the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department exams and was successful. His artistic adventure corresponds to the most important period of the Republic of Turkey, 1969 - 1974. He completed his higher education in the ateliers of names such as Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, Sabri Berkel, Devrim Erbil, Reşat Atalık, Güngör Taner. He participated in a significant number of national, international, solo, group and group exhibitions during his career.

In 1973, he was awarded by Darüşşafaka with the award for artists under the age of 35. While he was deemed worthy of being the honor student at his graduation in 1974, Can Iren award was deemed worthy of the first prize of the State Academy of Fine Arts in the same year. He establishes a very valuable friendship with Elif Naci, one of the important pens of Bab-ı Ali and a member of Group D. So much so that before saying goodbye to life, Naci corresponds regularly with Aslan and calls out to him through his children Tuğçem and Aziz Murat. This call is actually an occasion to carry his legacy beyond his lifetime. Memiş Aslan has a very close friendship with Burhan Uygur. He takes over Tekirdağ Namık Kemal High School Painting Teaching from Burhan Uygur. Aslan and the years that left his mark on Tekirdağ as both an educator and an artist begin at that time. For many years, he takes part in formal education institutions such as painting and art history teaching. He leaves very important traces in Tekirdağ, the city he lives in. It leaves its mark in corporate and private spaces with countless wreaths, monuments, copper reliefs, sculptures and paintings. It is a name that is loved and respected by residents from all levels of the city. He also successfully served as the Tekirdağ Provincial Culture Director for a period. Aslan has two sons, Aziz Murat and Tuğçem. He brings them to the service of life and country with love and an honorable struggle. The workshop environment he created is the basis for the upbringing of two very talented children in art. That place becomes a dimensional door to the futures of two children. With its aesthetics, antiques, works of art, aquariums, comics, movies watched on beta videotapes, cartoons, colorful paints, handmade projection device, copper and bronze reliefs, Aslan opens the doors of heaven in the minds and hearts of his children. The artist does not get sick and does not stay away from his family and home life. Despite all the difficulties that life brings, he does not give up being a responsible father who does not leave the traces of his values, even for a day. With his smart, talented and strong character, he and his wife Vildan Aslan transform their small boats into a galleon and sail against the big waves politically... Just like in Can Yücel's Rengahenk poem...

Within the scope of this project, Painter Memiş Aslan will be reflected with her art through her children, with her life and art story. A life that will come to life again with the art and technique of Karagöz, with music and notes, with painting, with copper bronze reliefs, with antiques, with memories, with heart palpitations, with a mind and principled stance, and a documentary, short film animation and book work. will turn into...

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